The Book of Aber


Hardcover Print Edition | ISBN: 978-0-9932565-0-9
Photographs by Craig Kirkwood | Signed by the Author

A personal portrait of Aberystwyth in Mid-Wales told through nearly 200 photographs over 160 pages.
Printed locally to premium specifications on high-quality, 150gsm, silk art paper.

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I moved to Aberystwyth from Australia with my family on the last day of summer, 2012. My wife, Madeline, had taken up an academic position at the University here and I was still dazed from the collapse of my business of twelve years. After many chaotic months liquidating my company, organising the (forced) sale of our house, and moving everything we owned across the world, arriving in Aber was like landing on a soft cloud of lamb’s wool from a distant height…

With this behind me, and the exquisite beauty of Wales before me, I turned to what I had always loved but seldom had the time to indulge: taking photographs. My relationship with photography had its roots almost thirty years earlier when I took my fully-mechanical Olympus OM1 around the youth hostels of Europe but I began to take it more seriously after buying my first digital SLR, a Nikon D50, many years later. Furthermore, I’d spent much of the previous decade teaching photographers how to use Photoshop and other tools to improve the image that comes off the camera sensor. Now it was time to put that experience into practice.

At the time of writing it has been just over two years since my arrival in Wales – long enough to get to know the place but not so long as to take for granted Aber’s subtle beauty, dramatic coastline, breathtaking sunsets and vibrant pub life. I’m still discovering new places, new views, new people and new ways of seeing it all but in the meantime, this book is my homage to the town that nurtured me back to happiness. I do hope you enjoy it.

Craig Kirkwood

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